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Adult Courses 16+




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Courses of 45hrs

October-January;  February-May. Twice a Week

There are 10 levels for adults and each of them follows a specially designed course programme with short term objectives to be reached by the end of the course. The teaching method is adapted to the students’ needs and the emphasis is mainly on listening and speaking in order to enable the students to acquire communication skills quickly. The lessons are taught by qualified mother tongue or perfectly bilingual teachers in small homogenous groups with a maximum of 12 people. Regular attendance and high motivation are the perfect combination to gain excellent results in the four language skills.

The students who follow our courses will learn to speak English in a natural way, expand their vocabulary, improve their pronunciation, acquire accuracy, be taught to understand written texts and dialogues and to write different types of texts in a pleasant and enjoyable context. At the end of each course the students do an end of course test that enables them to go on to the next course.

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